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freight agent in columbus oh Columbus Prime Warehouse now offers high quality cost savings in the form of local trucking and transportation. Whether you need freight hauled to the west coast, or moved locally around Ohio, Prime Warehouse offers a full range of solutions to meet your shipping needs. Offering both LTL (less than truck load) and FTL (full truck load) services, Prime Warehouse is poised to meet the growing demands for local and long distance shipments in Columbus, OH and the surrounding regions. Contact one of our skilled logistics coordinators today to make arrangements.

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Spirit Trucking operates 24/7, providing the highest level of service to our customers.

Carrying a fleet of 64 trucks, Prime Warehouse in Columbus can scale long hauls and short runs. Our fleet currently features trucks manufactured within the last 10 years which means that our reliability is higher than our competitors in the area. The number one reason for shipping delays is due to truck or equipment failure. In addition to that, we also purchase the highest quality trailers so that we can manage hauling your freight up to the legal limit. Our existing customers enjoy our service as much as we take pride in providing it year round. See what they’re saying about us today:

-Mark S. Preston, MN

I run a local business manufacturing paintballs but it’s tough to get huge quantity shipments from point A to point B without paying an arm a leg. I definitely can’t afford moving my products in huge quantity through UPS so I found a local freight forwarder that I thought could handle my affairs. That went badly wrong however due to poor service and that’s where I met Ted and Mark at Prime Warehouse. Not only were they able to fix my situation but their rates were completely reasonable. Had I known they were available and have their own warehouse in Columbus I would have used them from the beginning. Now, they’re the only carrier I’m willing to give my business to.

-Carl M. Chicago, IL

The world of truck shipments can be dangerous and expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing or you’re unsure of who to work with. I have deadlines I have to meet for my clients that jeopardize my business relationships if we’re not on time with our deliveries. I sought out help and that’s when I found Prime Warehouse in Columbus. They run back and forth to Chicago, IL and Columbus, OH constantly. Anytime I have a shipment, I know I can count on them to do a good job for me and deliver my shipments on time all the way in Ohio.

Prime Warehouse
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